Chemical Engineering
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The platform's activities are focused on the environment and clean processes.

The operation of the GP platform is ensured by the scientific and technical skills of 4 very active research teams in the field of Chemical Engineering. 

One of the major strengths of these teams lies in their various collaborations with socio-economic players on both practical and theoretical aspects, leading in particular to process optimization.

The themes developed within the GP platform are : 

  • CO2-supercritical processes (extraction, impregnation, crystallization, etc.)
  • Membrane processes
  • Water and waste treatment processes 
  • Small-scale studies (micro and nanofluidics)

The GP platform comprises instrumented pilots of varying capacities, enabling us to work under a wide range of operating conditions. These are complemented by a range of analytical tools to provide comprehensive, reliable results and interpretations.

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Référent plateforme : Jean-Henry Ferrasse
Référents pilotes : disponible sur les pages associées
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Site géographique : Europôle de l’Arbois & Faculté de St. Jérôme

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