Post-Doctoral Contract Proposals

The M2P2 recruits, throughout the year, post-doctoral fellows on CDD (temporary researcher contracts) in the framework of the laboratory's research projects.

The post-doctoral recruitment on contract is intended for young PhDs to allow them to :
  • to carry out a mobility within the framework of their training
  • to acquire a complementary research experience
  • prepare for a later recruitment in a company or in an academic laboratory


  • Novel algorithms for fluid-structure interaction in realistic industrial conditions in aeronautics using lattice Boltzmann method

    Domain: computational fluid dynamics, Aeronautics, fluid structure interactions

    Project: BALBUZARD (Building Advanced Lattice- Boltzmann multiphysics solver towards Zero-emissions Aircraft Research and Development) funded by DGAC

    Although the motion of immersed solids in rotation is relatively well captured by available numerical codes based on Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM), the reliable simulation of fully coupled fluid-structure interaction in realistic conditions still remain an open issue for industrial applications in aeronautics. The objective of the work is to develop novel and efficient algorithms to tackle these configurations involving complex fluid/solid interfaces with contact, and mesh adaption in the LBM framework, including rigid objects in arbitrary motion and deformable objects. The overset and immersed boundary methods, already developed at M2P2 lab, will be compared on test cases of increasing complexity, from incompressible to compressible regimes, and novel hybrid methods will be proposed to increase accuracy and robustness of actual methods.

    Expected profile of the candidate

    The candidate will have a PhD in computational fluid dynamics. The numerical developments required in the PhD will involve team-working skills to interact frequently with other students working on the same numerical code, software engineers, associated industrials and supervisors.

    How to apply
    Send an application to: including:
    - A detailed CV
    - A cover letter

    Starting date: From April 2023
    Deadline to apply: 01/06/2023


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