The joint research unit is attached to the University of Aix-Marseille, to the CNRS Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS) and to Centrale Marseille. The laboratory is also a member of the Fabri de Peiresc Federation, the ECCOREV Federation, the Mechanics & Complexity labex and the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (IMI). The laboratory has an original position with a research covering the fields of Computational Fluid Mechanics and Chemical Engineering. This activity is carried out within six teams located on the Technopôle de Château-Gombert in Marseille and the Europôle de l'Arbois in Aix en Provence. 

Computational Fluid Mechanics

Fields of application and issues

  • Modeling of industrial and natural flows
  • Application to transport, energy and environment
  • Study of fundamental phenomena related to instabilities and turbulence
  • Better prediction and control of flows
  • Optimization of industrial products and processes

Scientific Topics

  • Aerodynamics and control
  • Rotating and geophysical flows
  • Fluid/structure interactions
  • Plasma turbulence and MHD
  • Advanced numerical methods and modeling
  • Granular and porous media
  • Hydrodynamics and transfers in separation systems
  • Combustion and fire physics
  • Complex hydrodynamics
  • Micro-nanofluidics and interfaces
  • Supercritical fluids

Methodological Developments

  • Numerical simulation of dynamics equations
  • Theoretical modeling of instabilities
  • Modeling of the thermodynamics of out-of-equilibrium systems
  • Modeling of turbulence

Chemical Engineering

Fields of application and issues

  • Active development of innovative processes
  • Water cycle management, waste management and recovery
  • Pharmaceutical and lipid extraction processes
  • Purification of high value-added molecules
  • Thermal recovery processes

Scientific Topics

- Membrane processes
     - Membrane bioreactor
     - Membrane characterization and drinking water
     - Process industrialization and CFD
     - Membrane process integration
     - Effluent treatment
- Supercritical fluids and processes
     - Supercritical extraction
     - Supercritical fractionation
     - Particle generation, crystallization, encapsulation
     - Impregnation (polymeric matrices and implants, silica)
     - Sterilization in supercritical environment
- Water and waste treatment
     - Thermal processes
     - Biological processes
- Microfluidic processes
     - emulsion
     - encapsulation
     - micromixing 

Methodological Developments

- Microscopy
- Optical measurements,
- Numerical simulation
- Acoustic measurements

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