Plateforme GP
- Génie des Procédés -

The Process Engineering platform focuses on tools for evaluating the treatment of various effluents or materials by processes that are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable development. This platform allows studies to be carried out on pilots whose operation has been tested and instrumented so that, together with the analytical tools, complete and interpreted results can be provided.


Head of the plateform : Olivier Boutin
Localization : Campus Aix-en-Provence Arbois


  • Process engineering, 
  • Membrane process, 
  • Processes using Supercritical Fluids,
  • Water and waste treatment, 
  • Microfluidic processes, 
  • Bioprocesses, 
  • Thermal treatment, 
  • Separative process, 
  • Effluent characterization, 
  • Environment


  •     membrane filtration pilots, 
  •     extraction and fractionation bench in supercritical CO2 and hot water, 
  •     impregnation, 
  •     crystallization, 
  •     wet oxidation, 
  •     microreactors, 
  •     characterization (TOC, spectrophotometer, rheology, TGA, calorimeter)