Biomass and waste valorisation by thermochemical treatments - M2P2 Seminar

6 avril 2023

Speaker: Pr. Benedetta De Caprariis (Sapienza University of Rome)

Abstract: The transportation sector is still completely supplied by fossil fuels, few renewable alternatives are available commercially. My research work is focused on the production of liquid biofuels from biogenic wastes by thermochemical processes in particular hydrothermal liquefaction. Biogenic wastes own generally high moisture content and hydrothermal liquefaction appears as the most suitable process; water is in fact the solvent of the process but acts also as reagent and catalyst. The main issue is the low quality of the bio-crude produced due to its high content of heteroatoms, O,N and S. The use of catalysts can significantly help to improve the oil quality. Catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction can be thus an effective process to produce liquid biofuels from high moisture content biogenetic waste.
In this seminar the results obtained by my research group on the production of high quality bio-crude by hydrothermal liquefaction will be presented.

Seminar M2P2 --> Thursday 06/04/2023 at 2 p.m. in the conference room of the Forum building on the Arbois Technopole 

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