Two-equation turbulence modelling: Origin, Strengths, Frailties ... and Future?

1 Avril à 11h00 (locaux M2P2 Château Gombert)
Séminaire exceptionnel M2P2

Brian Launder

School of MACE, The University of Manchester

Résumé: the seminar traces the evolution of turbulence closures for the RANS equations based on the solution of two transport equations. It begins with the early, incomplete proposal of Kolmogorov  and goes on to the many linear eddy-viscosity models of the 1970s . Thereafter the 'algebraic stress models' from the same period are noted and the more user-friendly non-linear eddy viscosity models that replaced them. Finally the use of unsteady approaches to RANS (URANS) is shown to extend the use of such approaches to a wide range of large-scale computations where LES treatments are still out of range. Applications are shown drawn largely from the work of the speaker's research group.

Date et lieu: le Mercredi 1Avril à 11h00 au M2P2  (Château Gombert IMT La Jetée, Amphi 2ème étage)