Structural studies of proteins: from atoms to bioreactors - M2P2 seminar

17 janvier 2023

Giuliano Sciara

Chercheur INRAE, laboratoire BBF, Marseille

Summary : Structural studies of biomolecules give us access to their threedimensional structure. In the case of crystallography, we obtain atomic threedimensional coordinates with a precisions of 0.1 Å or even better, allowing to correctly identify all types of bonds: covalent, hydrogen, electrostatic, metal chelation. As such, a very detailed description of microcsopic and perfectly efficient chemical laboratories, such as enzymes, can be provided. Why are structural studies important and how can they lead the way in biotechnological applications? Exemples from the early days of structural biology at BBF will try to illustrate this.

Seminar M2P2 --> Tuesday Jenuary 17, at 10am, meeting room of Arbois.

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