Green Processes Applied in the Development of a Biorefinery for the Valorization of Shrimp Waste

8 Décembre 2023

Speaker : Dr. Jeffrey León - Pulido

Abstract :  Shrimp production currently generates around 50% waste during processing, necessitating sustainable and value-added alternatives. This project aims to explore utilizing shrimp waste, specifically chitin and astaxanthin, through green chemistry and process safety. By combining logistical and sustainable transformation aspects with computer-assisted process evaluation, the project aims to provide valuable insights for the productive sector. The expected positive impacts include environmental benefits from leveraging organic waste and societal gains through relevant information on sustainability and waste utilization for value-added product production.

This project aims to continue developing alternatives for the utilization of shrimp waste by combining logistical, biorefinery design, green chemistry, sustainable transformation, and computer-assisted process evaluation aspects under the criteria of green chemistry and process safety. Methodologies for process simulation, green chemistry assessment, and process safety are proposed to provide a diagnosis that contributes to the productive sector and potential entrepreneurs. The project is expected to have positive impacts on the environment by leveraging organic waste and on society by providing relevant information on sustainability and waste utilization for the production of value-added products.

Friday December 8th 2023 at 2 pm / salle 014 / La Jetée / Centrale Méditerranée