Fluid models for fusion plasmas

15 mai 2024

Speaker: Luis Garcia 

Abstract: Fusion plasmas can be viewed as a conductive fluid described by the set of magnetohydrosynamic (MHD) equations. These are a combination of the Navier-Stokes fluid dynamics equations and Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism. MHD is very useful for the macroscopic description of plasmas, in particular equilibrium and global instabilities.
MHD equations can be derived from the moments of the electron and ion kinetic equations coupled to Maxwell’s equations. Even with the approximations leading to the MHD equations, their general solution in the geometry of fusion devices is very difficult to obtain. Reduced models further simplify the equations, allowing for better resolution and interpretation of results. On the other hand, extended models allow including kinetic corrections due to the low collisionality of fusion plasmas. Applications of MHD models to the study of turbulence and associated transport in fusion plasmas will be presented.

The seminar take place on May 15th 2023 at 10am / salle 020 - La Jetée / Centrale Méditerranée