Energy, metabolites and nutrients from anaerobic digestion and dark fermentation of residual biomass

Mercredi 24 octobre 2018 à 10h, locaux M2P2 de l’Arbois


Professeur en Chemical Engineering à l’Universidad EAN de Bogotá (Colombie)

Abstract : There is a great potential to produce biofuels, metabolites and nutrients based on residual biomass in countries with high agroindustry dependence. Dark fermentation and anaerobic digestion processes allow substrates degradation of such as agricultural biomass and agroindustrial waste. Two studies were focused on the evaluation of energy, metabolites and nutrients production through anaerobic digestion and/or dark fermentation using complex substrates available in Colombia as : coffee mucilage, cocoa waste and pig manure. The first study was carried out applying the biochemical potential procedure. Both biological processes were evaluated to compare the energy, metabolites and nutrients that could be recovery. The experimental results showed that substrates mixtures were suitable for methane and hydrogen production. Valuable subproducts as furfural and lactic acid have been obtained during biological process. In addition, parameters related to nutrients concentrations have been evaluated. The second study was conducted to evaluate the biodigesters dynamics to produce biogas and to waste treatment. Preliminary measures showed differences in biogas composition without relation to constant temperature zones. As to waste treatment, the systems could be improved due to the removal rates measured. In addition, a study about centralized biogas plant scenarios for regions which generates agroindustrial residual biomass was conducted. It allows identified three potential regions in Cundinamarca department to develop biogas plants.