Efficient chemistry modeling for combustion applications - M2P2 Seminar

2 mai 2023

Speaker: Dr. Alejandro MILLAN MERINO

Abstract: In 2019 the European Union declared a global climate emergency to limit the average temperature rise and become climate neutral by 2050.
To achieve this, heavy hydrocarbon fuels must be replaced by better carbon footprints options such as Efuels (synthetic neutral carbon emissions fuels) or alternative carbon-free options such as hydrogen, ammonia, or metal-based components.
Some of these alternatives allow the reuse of current technology with minimal modifications, while others present new challenges in terms of safety requirements and optimization of operating conditions. For these issues, CFD simulations are the main tool for investigating fuel transition. However, the kinetic models available for these alternative fuels, if they exist, are complex and demand an oversize number of reactions which makes them prohibited for practical application studies.

This seminar will give an overview of some alternative schemes that bypass the need for such detailed descriptions and apply them to various combustion applications.

Date et lieu :  on Tuesday 02/05/2023 at 10am / salle 014 / La Jetée / Centrale Méditerranée