Computational Physics for Cardiovascular Functional Imaging - M2P2 Seminar

24 Novembre 2023

Speaker : Franck Nicoud

Abstract : Since many cardiovascular diseases are related to the characteristics of blood flow, being able to measure or predict how blood circulates is a prerequisite for improving diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Still, measuring blood flow in vivo is a challenging task and, despite the enormous progress made over the past two decades, available medical imaging techniques remain perfectible. In this presentation, I will show how computational fluid dynamics, and more generally computational physics, can be used to supplement, improve or better understand the results of advanced imaging techniques used to measure hemodynamics in clinical routine. I will discuss some of our recent findings regarding phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging, color Doppler echocardiography and Coulter-based hematology.

Friday November 24th 2023 at 2 pm / salle 014 / La Jetée / Centrale Méditerranée

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