Propositions de contrats Post-Doctoral

Le M2P2 recrute, tout au long de l'année, des post-doctorants en CDD (contrats temporaires de chercheur) dans le cadre des projets de recherche du laboratoire.

Le recrutement post-doctoral sur contrat est destiné aux jeunes docteurs pour leur permettre de:

  • réaliser une mobilité dans le cadre de leur formation
  • d'acquérir une expérience complémentaire de recherche
  • se préparer à un recrutement ultérieur dans une entreprise ou dans un laboratoire académique


  • Advanced Lattice Boltzmann modelling for high-Mach, high Reynolds flows

    Domain: computational fluid dynamics, aeronautics, aerodynamics, heat transfer

    Project: Advanced Lattice-Boltzmann Understandings for Multiphysics Simulations (ALBUMS) funded by Airbus, Safran, Renault and the French National Research Agency (ANR)


    Lattice Boltzmann (LB) solvers are becoming an ever more attractive alternative to traditional Navier-Stokes solvers. Compressible flow modeling in the LB framework, however, remain relatively marginal within the scientific community: most Lattice-Boltzmann schemes are limited to low Mach number to due to an intrinsic O(u3) numerical error.

    Based on recent developments at M2P2 [1], simulating flows for Mach significantly higher than 0.3 now seem within our grasp. A significant research effort is however required to achieve this target on realistic flows, e.g. including the derivation of novel boundary conditions, turbulence models, shock capturing schemes. 

    Development of such methods within the field of compressible aerodynamics is the topic of this post-doctoral position. 

    Expected profile of the candidate 

    The candidate will have a PhD in computational fluid dynamics, with experience in either LBM or compressible flows. The numerical developments required will involve team-working skills to interact frequently with other postdocs/PhD students working on the same code, software engineers, associated industrials and supervisors. 

    How to apply 
    Send an application to: and including:
    - A detailed CV 

    - A cover letter 

    Starting date: when available, from Sept. 2019 to Feb. 2020.

    Contract duration: one year, renewable every year. 

    Deadline to apply: 20/01/2020 

    [1] Y. Feng, P. Boivin, J. Jacob, and P. Sagaut. Hybrid recursive regularized thermal lattice boltzmann model for high subsonic compressible flows. Journal of Computational Physics, 394:82 – 99, 2019.


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