Adaptive multiresolution computations applied to detonations

A space-time adaptive method is presented for the reactive Euler equations describing chemically reacting gas flow where a two species model is used for the chemistry. The governing equations are discretized with a finite volume method and dynamic space adaptivity is introduced using multiresolution analysis. A time splitting method of Strang is applied to be able to consider stiff problems while keeping the method explicit. For time adaptivity an improved Runge--Kutta--Fehlberg scheme is used. Applications deal with detonation problems in one and two space dimensions. A comparison of the adaptive scheme with reference computations on a regular grid allow to assess the accuracy and the computational efficiency, in terms of CPU time and memory requirements.

Olivier Roussel, Kai Schneider. Adaptive multiresolution computations applied to detonations. Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, Oldenbourg Verlag, 2015, 229 (6), pp.931-953. ⟨hal-01118153⟩

Journal: Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie

Date de publication: 18-02-2015

  • Olivier Roussel
  • Kai Schneider

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