A transfer from research to industry


Research valorization

The laboratory conducts a dynamic action of valorization of its research work in the socio-economic sectors of transport, energy, and environment where societal expectations are very strong. This valorization of knowledge and know-how is part of a regional and national strategy of innovation oriented towards VSEs, SMEs and large groups.

In Aix-Marseille, this action is carried out as part of a site policy led by the AMU, the CNRS and Centrale Marseille through various companies and institutions. Thus, the laboratory is a member of the Carnot STAR Institute, and of various regional competitiveness clusters (Capénergies, Mer, Pégase, Eau...). In addition to the supervisory organizations, the laboratory also works with the companies PROTISVALOR and Centrale Innovation in the management of its contracts. Finally, the innovation and patents part is entrusted to the "Société d'accélération du Transfert de Technologie Sud-Est" (SATT-SE / Technology Transfer Accelerator).
In a non-exhaustive manner, the promising sectors in which the laboratory develops its research activity concern water treatment (pollution control, etc.), transportation (aerodynamic optimization, acoustic reduction, etc.) and the production of renewable energies (green, hydrokinetic, etc.) or from nuclear energy.

Different types of contracts allow M2P2 researchers to valorize their work for a global annual amount of about 1500k euros :

- Direct industrial contracts
- FUI (Fonds Uniques Interministériels)
- CIFRE thesis grants
- ANR projects, European projects FP7 and H2020
- Patents

Industrial Partners :
Agéfluide, Airbus Industrie, Airbus Hélicoptère, Air Liquide, Aquasource, Areva , Bosch, CEA, Clariant, DCNS, EDF, Institut Mexicain du Pétrole, Liebehrr, Merck, ONERA, Optiflow, Phytorem, PSA, Renault, Rockwood, Safran, Saint Gobain, Scetautroute, SEM, SNCM, Suez, Total, Véolia, …