Wavelet methods in computational fluid dynamics

This article reviews state-of-the-art adaptive, multiresolution wavelet methodologies for modeling and simulation of turbulent flows with various examples. Different numerical methods for solving the Navier-Stokes equations in adaptive wavelet bases are described. We summarize coherent vortex extraction methodologies, which utilize the efficient wavelet decomposition of turbulent flows into space-scale contributions, and present a hierarchy of wavelet-based turbulence models. Perspectives for modeling and computing industrially relevant flows are also given.

Kai Schneider, Oleg V. Vasilyev. Wavelet methods in computational fluid dynamics. Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Annual Reviews, 2010, 42, pp.473-503. ⟨10.1146/annurev-fluid-121108-145637⟩. ⟨hal-01024632⟩

Journal: Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics

Date de publication: 01-01-2010

  • Kai Schneider
  • Oleg V. Vasilyev

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