Drive of parallel flows by turbulence and large-scale E × B transverse transport in divertor geometry

The poloidal asymmetries of parallel flows in edge plasmas are investigated by the 3D fluid turbulence code TOKAM3X. A diverted COMPASS-like magnetic equilibrium is used for the simulations. The measurements and simulations of parallel Mach numbers are compared, and exhibit good qualitative agreement. Small-scale turbulent transport is observed to dominate near the low field side midplane, even though it co-exists with significant large-scale cross-field fluxes. Despite the turbulent nature of the plasma in the divertor region, simulations show the low effectiveness of turbulence for the cross-field transport towards the private flux region. Nevertheless, a complex pattern of fluxes associated with the average field components are found to cross the separatrix in the divertor region. Large-scale and small-scale turbulent E x B transport, along with the del B drift, drive the asymmetries in parallel flows. A semian-alytical model based on mass and parallel momentum balances allows the poloidal drift effects on the asymmetry pattern to be evaluated. As in the experiments, a reversed B-T simulation provides a way of self-consistently separating the effects of turbulent transport and large-scale flows, which must be reversed for a reversed field. The large-scale contribution is found to be responsible for typically 50% of the effect on the Mach number, evaluated at the top of the machine. The presented picture shows the complex interplay between drifts and turbulence, underlining the necessity of a global approach to edge plasma modelling, including a self-consistent description of the turbulence.

Davide Galassi, P. Tamain, H. Bufferand, Guido Ciraolo, Ph. Ghendrih, et al.. Drive of parallel flows by turbulence and large-scale E × B transverse transport in divertor geometry. Nuclear Fusion, IOP Publishing, 2017, 57 (3), pp.036029. ⟨10.1088/1741-4326/aa5332⟩. ⟨hal-01592945⟩

Journal: Nuclear Fusion

Date de publication: 01-03-2017

  • Davide Galassi
  • P. Tamain
  • H. Bufferand
  • Guido Ciraolo
  • Ph. Ghendrih
  • C. Baudoin
  • Clothilde Colin
  • N. Fedorczak
  • N. Nace
  • Eric Serre

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